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2015 Cookie Sale Campaign Dates

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Troop Order Due in eBudde Jan 20
Pick Up of Initial Order Jan 31 - Feb 4 TBA
Sale Begins Feb 5
Sale Ends Mar 8
Cupboard Closes Mar 11
Final Paperwork Due Mar 13


Service Unit Cookie Sale Manager Tobi 707-822-2848 tobila1@sbcglobal.net

Booth Allocation Manager Cheryl Kingham 839-3714 clkingham@suddenlink.net

Booth Allocations

The allocation of booth times took place at the October Redwood Service Unit Meeting. You may reserve any unclaimed spots by calling the booth coordinator, Cheryl Kingham, at 839-3714 clkingham@suddenlink.net.

Current allocation of booth times and locations can be veiwed by clicking here Booth allocation schedule. Checking this scheule allows you to see what locations and times are available and to confirm that you are allocated a particular slot.

Also please be sure to notify us if you do not intend to use an assigned slot so that it can be released for other troops to use.


2015 Fall Product Sale

Details comming Soon

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